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Funny faces of Tom Kaulitz xD

I can’t wait, for TH’s next tour..


  • buying the ticket
  • standing in line for hours
  • running to the stage to get the closest as possible
  • singing, screaming, crying, jumping during the whole concert
  • after concert looking at the pictures, videos over and over
  • next day can barely move out of bed, cuz everything hurts, and of course don’t have any voice at all

But it stays a wonderful memory for the rest of the life, and willing to repeat it anytime <3


First: Yes, the celebrities show up in places where paparazzis are. It’s part of their job. Like it or not, accept it.

Second: As far as I know, they “escaped” to LA from the stalkers, not from the paparazzis.

Third: They’re hiding their faces from the photos.. Well, go somewhere at night, ask…

They should record a contest between Georg and Tom lifting weights at the gym.


half naked!

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Tokio Hotel - Facebook 

Ater all these years… Bill is STILL invincible! So frustrating ;) Georg

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Billi!!! *-*

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